Massage with Infrared Sauna


Session lengths include 15 minutes to warm up the sauna, disrobe before and shower and redress after.
Option #1 - 30min session : 15min IN the sauna + 15min prep/ shower/dress = Total 30 minutes

Option #2 - 45min session : 30min IN the sauna + 15min prep/shower/dress =
Total 45 minutes

Therapeutic Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Relaxation Massage

Massage with Dynamic Cupping

Hot Stone Massage

Prenatal Massage

For all the mama's

Massage with Eastern Therapies

Massage with the ancient healing benefits of Cupping, Ear Reflexology and Gua Sha

Massage with Paraffin Wax

Located at:
5012 50 Street, Suite 103, Stony Plain
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